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[ GriffinWords ]

11 June
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  • griffinwords@livejournal.com
This blog is devoted to writing about writing, both my own (I’m Mike Griffin and I write fiction) and that of others (I read a lot too).

By day I’m the IT Manager & Business Analyst at a steel service center in Portland, Oregon, and by night I work as founder of the Hypnos Recordings label, specializing in ambient music.

If you’re trying to track down my ambient music under the name M. Griffin, you should look at the Hypnos Recordings site, maybe the page about me specifically here. I’m often found on the Hypnos Forum, too.

For personal nonsense, photos and frivolity, I also have a personal Facebook page. Most recently I’ve established a Twitter page at twitter.com/mgsoundvisions.

email mg (at) hypnos (dot) com